Gucci gucci, NADA!


Dear Editor in Chief Anna Wintour,

Vouge has always inspired me. The magazine itself is so sophisticated and elegant. It catches every aspect of the fashion world and is an inspiration to people everywhere. I am usually more than satisfied with the magazine until recently when I came across an offensive AD.

This advertisement comes off as both offensive and degrading to women everywhere. The male is standing and the woman is on the ground. The placement of both the models tell a lot about the advirtisemtent. It is representing woman’s “place” in the world and  demonstrates that women are not as powerful as men and that men are superior to women. It has been an on going battle to change the stereo type of women in our society. With ads like this in magazines everywhere, all the progress that have been made will not matter. Women are the majority of your customers, it would be extremely unfourtanate to lose customers over something that can be avoided. I am concerned for the the magazine as a consistent buyer. Thank you so much for your time and please take my advice into consideration.

Thank You,

  Blake Nelson


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